Monday, September 14, 2009

More cumming feet

Cumming feet on sheets

These are some special shots. T was lying on her stomach playing with herself while I was taking pics. So, I call these cumming feet! Although, most of the time, I want to be the one making her feel good, it's fun sometimes just to stand back and watch.

Brown Summer Shoes

A few more shots, this time T in her brown summer shoes.

Green Summer Shoes

Here are a few shots of T in her favorite pair of summer shoes. We were at a hotel taking some nude shots, but we got some good foot shots as well.

More Brown Sparkle

One more shot from the brown sparkle shoes - a close up of T's sweaty toes.

Brown Sparkle Shoes

Here are a few shots that T took of herself in her brown shoes with sparkles. She took these pictures while convincing me it was time to play with her. She loves the way the shoes show off her feet. I love the way the front covers her toes. They get nice and sweaty!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Soon

Just a post of a picture of T's feet last spring because I can't wait for warm weather and bare feet!